Reversing the Marxist Momentum

  • Reversing the Marxist Momentum

    Posted by Barred-Rock-or-Brahma on June 23, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Shower thought (well technically it counts since I was getting rained on while I fed my pigs and rabbits):

    My age group (oldest of the millenials) could potentially shift the downhill trajectory of western society 180°. In our mid to late 30s, with our kids at or soon to be college-age, we have the resources (pending intestinal fortitude) to remove ourselves and the next cohort of university indoctinatees from the matrix, starving the system of both human capital and the “consent of the governed.”

    They’ve invested an ungodly amount of effort and resources trying to influence (brainwash) us and our kids over the last 20 years, but wouldn’t my kid choosing to work and raise a family on the homestead give the state a negative return on an 18 year investment? If we, our kids, and their kids don’t play ball, would that stop or even reverse the momentum of the marxist agenda?

    Spags, I’d love to get your take on this.

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  • Squeeze

    June 23, 2023 at 2:27 pm

    350+ million in the country (documented). Can you get 10’s of millions onboard?

    • Barred-Rock-or-Brahma

      June 23, 2023 at 3:24 pm

      Eventually, yes. 1 million couples x 3 kids who could have three kids themselves within the next 10 years would make about 26 million independent and self-sufficient souls once our grandkids are come of age.

      The communists didn’t invade our government and universities with tens of millions. They just preached an ideal consistently, to us, our parents, and our children for decades. Unlike them, self-sufficient people don’t need to be the majority or to control the levers of power to be successful, we just need to be big enough to not be ignored or streamrolled.

  • FaithK

    June 23, 2023 at 6:17 pm

    Get enough on board, yup. We can turn it all around. But that’s the hard part, and the part that really does take patience – which I find many “freedom loving people” don’t have. But it’s something that gains momentum exponentially. So each person that “converts”, they end up bringing several more with them, and so on and so on and scooby doobie doobie…

    Take for instance, the anti-abortion movement (I’m using it as an obvious example; please no discussion). Society has done its best in the last 50 years to not only normalize abortion, but in the last decade, to begin to promote it and call it good. The anti-abortion movement shoots itself in the foot with the protests and spending time and money to try to make it illegal. You prevent abortion by convincing the other side to change their minds, not outlawing it. Make it socially repugnant. Offer things that the other side won’t even touch. Offer support, physical, financial, emotional, etc. Support programs that help women and children directly, support adoptions, come up with new ways to help (“adopting” a woman and her child for a time, etc.)

    In other words, you change the hearts, and the rest will follow. Look at the number of states, and individuals, that are pro-life, even if they feel it should be legal, that don’t believe it really is a viable option. The work that those of us who focus on solutions rather than laws are changing the landscape. What you see in the anti-life movement (not just pro-abortion) is the last gasp, the death knell of the movement. They are the human that makes themselves look big in front of a bear hoping like hell they’ll trick the bear and won’t die.

    The same can happen in the freedom communities. Slowly win people over – not by being a dick, not by talking about stoning people who don’t agree with you, not talking about revolutions. Be aware of the world, so you can counteract the world. We are the counter-culture now, not the liberal hippies of the 60s. Live your life. Raise up your children and grandchildren. Teach by example. Be visible in your community or online, and not just in echo chambers.

    Oh shit I really can ramble.

  • Marcia

    June 24, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    The homesteading community is the best source of free advice for home schooling your kids, and is already being pushed quite a bit by Stivers homestead and Hollar Homestead. Start younger than college, and let’s do this thing. My kids are already 22 and 26, and neither went to college, but they both homeschooled their last three years. Yes!

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