About You

About You

I am Bobby Spags, a man of many hats. You may know me from my YouTube channel, Spags Unfiltered, or as the Vice President of both Kansas Prepper Expo and Full Spectrum Preparedness. Now, I work as a board member of the Midwest Preparedness Project where I work with an amazing team of people to put on two Freesteading events a year.

Over my life I have worked in many arenas. From construction and house painting, to 16 years in the Army to a Congressional Aide of a senior member of the US House of Representatives, and as a military contractor and private security agent and everything in between.

Now I am fortunate enough to be self employed, and a full time Freesteader that works along side many other talented people in this new and budding community.

You can find my YouTube channel here:

Spags Unfiltered – YouTube

I can also be found on MEWE (for now) and Rumble.

I am unapologetically capitalist, a free market-libertarian Voluntaryist and as unfiltered as it gets when I get into things. I will not be polished, nor am I great company for ‘proper society’. But if you can handle a little gruff language and the fact that I love whiskey, we can be great friends.




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