The purpose of prepping!

  • The purpose of prepping!

    Posted by BiggKidd on February 1, 2023 at 4:52 pm

    Why do you prep? What’s the reason behind it? Have you really thought about it or did it just seem like a good idea and you joined in?

    For me prepping started at about age 8 in the cub scouts and continued on through the boy scouts after which it was a life long way of doing things. I’d much rather carry the twelve pounds of tools on my belt everyday and never need ANY of them than to not have any one of them that one time when it makes the difference between life and death. As life turns out I use my belt tools nearly every single day if not EVERY SINGLE DAY. I use the flashlight the most with the multi tool coming in second and the 4 inch adjustable wrench just behind it. Thankfully I seldom need the 1911 double stack .45ACP or the spare mag. BUT I have needed the .45 many times and used it. Mostly on Copperhead snakes and Coyotes. I’ve also run off a few bears and dogs with it upon occasion. But again you get the idea so for me being prepared is a way of life or lifestyle choice.

    In my humble opinion our preps are to get us over the hump when services stop. They are not meant for us and our kids / grandkids to live out their days on. They are to give us a cushion or time if you will to get things going and producing if everything comes to a crashing halt. On a smaller scale they allow us to not go hungry in the event of job / income loss or injury. Or some breathing room if the car / truck unexpectedly dies, or a tree falls on the house. You get the idea. They are NOT meant to be the way in which we live out our days on earth. Having prepped extra tools and expendables to last for many years would be a lot wiser than storing five or ten years worth of food. Those tools and the knowledge to use them could really be the difference between life and death for your family on a much longer term basis than another case of beans…

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  • Woodsman

    February 1, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    Yeah, I’ve been sending the same message for some time now.

    It is a message not usually accepted but the “Inter-World.”

    Many; in my opinion, use the inner world not to freely share info for the benefit of all,

    But to make money or benefit one self in some kind of parasite-like way.

    I wouldn’t consider for a moment the internet promoting a symbiotic relationship.

    Hence, It never fails to provide more foes then friends.

    Sadly, it is a lot like the current State of the American Union under the present dictator-like federal gov.

    I have you back with this message.

  • JerseyGiantChick

    February 1, 2023 at 8:24 pm

    Also started as a you kid, around 7. No bread or something to eat to school, saving stuff at home for later. Checking out the nature for good spots to live, what to forage that was eatable. Making traps catching wild, making spears, bows and arrows, fishing and so on.

    My husband still does not understand why it is so important to me, that our son gets his healthy breakfast to school. A healthy snack at home after school and a good homemade meal, I need one warm homemade supper or meal a day so I do not get hangry. It is like a trauma, makes me crazy (chicken lady).

    Also buying clothes up front for our son and myself, my husband does not understand and want to do it in the last moment and still have to motivate him.

    Teaching our son to homestead and prepare, growing, chickens, rabbits, cook and bake. Maybe this year butcher, let him help with packing. If he is up to it, he can join the butcher.

    Someday he will butcher his own chickens and rabbits, after taking care and breeding. And growing greens for the kitchen en pets. Prepare with groceries and co, hope he will do good and give it further to the next generations.

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