Cattle panels.

  • Cattle panels.

    Posted by banjoman on November 10, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Nice post Danny about treating cattle panels with undercoating. Manure will eat out metal faster than you think! I’ve built several corrals out of 2 7/8’s pipe. That has a much thicker wall than panels but still rusts away. Every year I would dig all manure away from bottom of pipe, down to cement and wire brush away crap and re-paint a foot up. The old Powder River panels were much thicker walled. One person couldn’t hardly carry a twelve footer. Also – I see videos of people getting stung by wasps when opening gates. Many of these gates/panels have small circular holes at the ends where the horizontal pipe meets the vertical. These are there to let out the heated air that’s generated from the welding process. This heated air inside the pipe will blow out the weld unless that heated air has a way to escape. I spray foam those holes full – at least on the latch end. You bang around unlatching or unchanging the gate or panel and out come the wasps!

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