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About You

Danny and Wanda live on a 10 acre homestead in south Mississippi, 30 miles north of the Gulf Coast.  Many styles of growing vegetables are spaced around  the edible landscape.  There are 3 high tunnels, raised beds, row gardens and container gardens surrounded by pasture and woods that are home to Dexter cows.  Chickens are raised for eggs and meat and Rabbits are raised for fertilizer and meat.  There are fruit, nut and berry trees scattered around in a permaculture setting.  The produce is canned, frozen, or freeze dried for future use.

An off grid cabin and barn are nestled in the woods on the back of the property. This mini homestead on a homestead also has a smokehouse mini greenhouse, and a garden shed.

Join Danny and Wanda as they show you planting , harvesting, preserving and all the projects that make a homestead a working homestead.



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