Finding Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Cummins Components Has Never Been Easier

  • Finding Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Cummins Components Has Never Been Easier

    Posted by wakemeup on January 16, 2024 at 8:16 am

    As any seasoned mechanic knows, finding parts for older Cummins engines can often be a frustrating challenge. Whether you need a replacement rod bearing for a decades-old 6BT or a camshaft for a “discontinued” ISB, OEM suppliers usually can’t help and the standard parts stores are rarely any use.

    This is where shines as a specialist cummins parts supplier based in China. As the largest cummins parts wholesaler in Asia, they’ve spent years accumulating one of the most extensive inventories of new and hard-to-find cummins parts on the planet. Chances are if you need it, they’ve got it – even for engines considered obsolete by other suppliers.

    Extensive Coverage of Cummins Models Old and New

    Browse Hawkparts’ fully searchable online cummins parts catalogue and you’ll be impressed by the breadth of coverage. In addition to listings for the latest ISX/ISL/QSK engines, their database extends back through decades of earlier Cummins designs. Everything from vintage 4BT/6BT parts through classic N14/ISM components right up to lesser-known KTA/KTA19 components can potentially be sourced.

    Through years of cultivating relationships with specialists factories in China, Hawkparts has amassed inventories and manufacturing capacity that elude other western cummins parts suppliers. So while the big online stores may tell you a low-mileage QSL injector is impossible to find, Hawkparts usually has them in stock.

    Bulk Orders and Case Discounts on Hard-to-Find Cummins Parts

    Operating as a major cummins parts wholesale distributor gives Hawkparts another edge. Their strong supply chain enables competitive pricing on bulk orders of even the most difficult to procure Cummins components. Mechanics rebuilding fleets of Heritage era rigs, for instance, benefit greatly from consolidated shipping and volume discounts on orders for dozens of KTA19 gasket sets or N14 starter motors.

    With a stock of hundreds of thousands of individual cummins parts wholesale and the ability to manufacture many more on short notice, chances are Hawkparts can fulfill your needs for those elusive Cummins components driving other suppliers nuts. Consider them the #1 choice for sourcing even the most hard-to-find genuine or high-quality Cummins OEM replacement parts.

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  • Fossilman

    January 16, 2024 at 4:45 pm

    For used Cummins parts try Redwines truck parts in NC. Not affilated with them. Just know they have a large diesel junkyard.

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