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About Freesteading is a new online platform that will focus on homesteading, self-sufficiency and off grid living. Freesteading is a free speech platform that Is designed around you. As a free member you have access to a huge community of knowledgeable experts and community leaders.  


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Communities & Groups

These are what drives our site. Groups are where you will find specific information and meet different groups of people.

Communities are groups lead by a community leader and are the cornerstone of Freesteading. Communities are where you will meet new people as well as learn from the community leader and experts within that community. As a member you can join as many communities as you’d like. We encourage you to explore! If you find a community you like, be sure to join!

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This is where you can have your questions answered.

Forums are within each group and are designed to allow members to ask questions. These questions can be answered by members of the community including experts and community leaders. We use forums to ask questions because the feed can move quite fast on busy groups. The forum allows your question to be seen by many people and remain visible in a place meant specifically for questions and discussion. Forums can be found on the left sidebar and also have a tab in each group called “Discussion”.

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Activity Feed

The center for all activity on our site

Your activity feed is the central hub to display all activity from across our website. In your activity feed you will see posts and discussions from the groups you have joined, friends you are connected with, and people the you follow. The activity feed is sortable by all activity, your connections, your likes, groups you’ve joined, and people who have mentioned you. If you would like to see only your posts, you can do so by visiting your profile and then click on timeline.

Announcement: For the first few weeks after Freesteading is public, the activity feed may remain open for everyone to view all posts and discussions across the entire site. Once we think the feed becomes too busy, we will then change the site settings to limit your activity feed to only the groups and people you have chosen to join, like and follow. 

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More Features!

freesteading mobile app

Private Messaging

1 on 1 and group messaging is now available on Freesteading. We believe direct communication is important to community, learning, and being social. You must be connect to another member of the website in order to private message. For group messages, the entire group must be connected.


With a goal to continue to grow our community and encourage new members to meet we have created events within the site. Events will allow community leaders to post any and all events they may be hosting or attending. This can include live chats, live videos, and even physical events such as expos or meet and greets.

Follow Feature

Is there an individual, expert, business, or community leader that you would like to see their activity but maybe don't want to connect with them? No problem, with the follow option, you can see all activity from any member on our site.

Connect With Friends

Connections is a power tool to bring our community together. As you meet new friends in groups and forums, you can connect with them to see all of their public activity on Freesteading. After you connect, you will be able to direct message.

Website Help Forum

Website Feedback Forum

100% Free Forever

Our goal was to create a free community for like minded individuals and we are proud to be able to make our platform free. All of our basic features such as groups, forums, chat, profile, activity feed, and more will be 100% free forever.

Reviews from our Community Leaders & Members

Danny & Wanda
Danny & Wanda
Deep South Homesetad / Community Leader
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Freesteading is now the only social media we need! What a great platform.
Andrew Bucchin
Andrew Bucchin
Owner / Director of Sales & Marketing EMP Shield Inc.
Read More
This is probably the most ingenious website I have ever seen. This is exactly what I have been hoping to be made for decades. Sincerely, this is a game changer for our homesteading communities.
Spags Unfiltered / Community Leader
Read More
Freesteading is a game changer. Having the ability for me to directly talk to my subscribers and meet new like minded people is invaluable.
Tag & Bee
Tag & Bee
Life Done Free / Community Leader
Read More
It's finally time for us to have our own platform & build a community worthy of what homesteaders deserve.

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