help comprehending battery terminology on [UPS] battery

  • help comprehending battery terminology on [UPS] battery

    Posted by gods-child on February 21, 2023 at 3:16 pm

    i have picked up an old yet allegedly new never used [UPS] 12vWPC 88W 1.30VPC

    manufacturer specifications can be found at yet are ambiguous to me

    i may be mistaken to take [WPC] to mean Watts-Per-Cell and [VPC] to mean Volts-Per-Cell please correct me if i am wrong

    how do i work put how many cells this battery have

    i mistaking thought 12v divided by 1.30v which comes to 9.230769230769231 which does not feel right

    88v divided by 1.30v comes to 67.69230769230769 which also does not seem right

    am i missing a conversion of some sort…??

    before a 500mAh charge

    ⎓ 2.72

    ~ 05.4

    after one [1] hour ten [10] minute charge at 500mAh

    ⎓ 4.95

    ~ 10.00

    thus looking hopeful of it being a good battery so far

    as it is a sealed unit i cannot see the cells to physically see if the battery needs desulfating and when its finished charging i will let it sit and see if it holds charge and if not the desulfator process will begin


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