Reply To: Azure new payment method…

  • MartHale7

    March 22, 2024 at 5:13 am

    I re-read the email, and they do take a debit card for payment, so since I have that I think I will go that direction.

    Sorry to hear about the problem with buying when you did not buy…..

    I can understand that they do not want to increase the fees of product because of the credit card companies are forcing this on the company. I have a local company that only accepts cash because of this.

    I do think it is best to place your order early like a week before the cut off because they do seem to have odd issues near the end….. I had one instance where I was told the product was out of stock, yet they shipped it and charged me for it anyway, ( something I bought on clearance ).

    I dislike the fact that in the final hours that they can at that point tell you the product is not in stock and you have to scramble to call them to adjust the order, ( I did that once with cheese that was out of stock, and I called and switched to a different type of cheese ).

    Overall past the glitches it has still been a good experience for me, but I have found the final days of the order that you have to watch your emails like a hawk As the driver may be late, and you may have to do last minute changes…