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About You

Former Ballet and Martial Arts Instructor of 28 years, I now homestead and youtube full time with my husband Patrick. We also make and sell products of many kinds.
On our channel we teach everything from woodworking to my own method of gardening, handyman stuff to sewing and crocheting, off grid options (solar, rain water collection, et cetera) to cooking and baking from scratch, equipment repair to fermenting, and of course preparedness and much more.Most of the self sufficient stuff we do is on our little shy 1/3 acre lot in town but we do have two other pieces of property that are works in progress. One is a shy acre with a creek running through it and no other water nor power just down the road from our home that we use as an extension for our business as well as a lovely retreat for camping with family. The third piece is 6 acres out in the middle of nowhere also with a creek running through it and totally raw other than a gravel drive. We plan to make that our bug out spot.





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Former Ballet and Martial Arts Instructor now full time Homesteader/Youtuber


Rain Country Homestead