Reply To: Azure new payment method…

  • Redcap

    March 20, 2024 at 6:41 pm

    I have also decided to add that I had a weird run-in with Azure Standard this past ordering cycle. I ordered some chicken feed, got the confirmation email and order number, and then realized I had plenty, so a few days before the cut-off date, I cancelled the order. No problem.

    Then the day of the cut-off, I got a new email with a new order number for the same chicken feed, but I had NOT ordered it a second time. Unfortunately, the order went through on their end just before the close of the cycle and I had no opportunity to cancel it. I was at work and didn’t see the email until I got home. (I don’t have a cell phone.) My laptop was at home. No one could have placed the order.

    I called them and customer service told me it was too bad for me because the order had come from my IP address. But I kept telling them I didn’t place the re-order and there’s no one in my house who would have. My husband doesn’t touch my laptop and there’s no one else. I also said, I would not be picking up the order and so I expected a refund to my credit card. They said they’d get back to me and never did. I was charged on my credit card.

    I disputed the charge with my bank (with whom I have the credit card). On the delivery day (it’s one where you meet the truck), a local woman I know happened to have ordered so she messaged me and asked if I was picking up my order. I wasn’t there and she thought maybe I’d forgotten about it. I explained that I didn’t order it and wasn’t picking up so she told me the truck driver just reloaded it and left.

    Two days later, I got a call from the same woman from AS who said that even though the order came from my IP address (yes, please keep calling me a liar!), AS was going to provide a refund and then restated it as a refund “or a customer credit” and never really specified which one she was going to do so I had to ask if she was going to actually credit my card. She said, “IF that’s what you prefer.” OMGoodness! I had never said anything about getting a credit; I had always said I should have the card refunded. It’s been a week and I still haven’t received a refund.

    So I’m not real happy with them right now, although I expect to order in future when I need something.

    Last time I ordered, I got a sealed box with some smaller items and there was stuff I didn’t order that was supposed to have been refrigerated all that time (including a package of sliced cheese). It wasn’t on my invoice and I wasn’t being charged for it, but it clearly belonged to someone else. I always check my order before I leave and I gave it to the coordinator in case it belonged to someone else there.

    Every month, my account shows an open order with an order number. Mine currently says 0 items and $0 because I haven’t ordered anything this cycle, but I don’t see how having an open order isn’t inviting some computer glitch to happen. I didn’t realize there was ALWAYS an open order. I would just have liked to not have it implied to my face that I was lying. That just seems terribly rude. I’ve done shipping and receiving. I know it’s a pain, but it’s not a fourth grade drama with attitude.