Reply To: Azure new payment method…

  • Redcap

    March 20, 2024 at 12:02 pm

    Bank transfer (ACH here) is extremely common in Australia and that’s how people pay each other or send money to each other ALL the time. But there aren’t as many crooks there as here in the US so giving someone your bank details isn’t as terrifying. And by that, I mean, you could sell something to a friend and they might pay you by bank transfer. But that means giving them your name, bank, routing number (BSB it’s called there), and account number. You do that here and expect to be robbed! LOL

    But I am glad to see it being used by businesses. It’s like bill pay only you don’t pay a bill, you pay in advance.

    Net10 is a payment businesses use between themselves and suppliers. It means you have applied for credit terms with the actual company and have to pay your bill within 10 days of date of invoice.