Reply To: Looking for naturopathic doctor in AR

  • giovanni

    January 11, 2024 at 1:40 pm

    Yes Pirate Bay has many books of all topics. A quick idea would also to keep a Tablet filled with all books as PDF and instructional videos. I use a Samsung tablet which i have NEVER connected to the internet {So it won’t download hidden apps or any spyware}. I then use a regular computer in which i might leave behind and trash in a SHTF situation to download all the PDF books and other videos i need to a micro SD card and then i place the Micro SD card to the Tablet. this can be used to carry all of your library incase you need to abandon the house so that all the knowledge can be easily taken with you in a tablet or External drive. Keep stored inside an old unused microwave since the microwave can protect the electronics from an EMP {electro magnetic pulse} which can wipe all of the memory useless. Also a backup external hard drive is a must. Check out this: