Reply To: Looking for naturopathic doctor in AR

  • giovanni

    January 10, 2024 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Tin foil Tiara. Here in Puerto Rico their are many Naturopathic doctors. The problem is that they are a bit far away and the cost to see one is quite high at about $100.00 the visit and that is without counting any herbs or medicine they sell to you. About 25 years ago, i decided to learn as a hobby Naturopath. This journey began with an ear infection that didn’t want to go away not even with strong antibiotics like Ciproflaxin that use to go for about six dollars a pop and i had to get a months worth of at about twice a day. I also used Septra, Amoxil, regular penicilin and nothing did the trick. I then read in a Naturopath book that garlic is one of the worlds strongest natural antibiotics and a light turned on. i squeezed a half teaspoon full of garlic oil down my ear and it burned like fire!! I ran to the faucet and washed my ear inside. Instant cure! no more ear infection after so many years. I was sold! Naturopath was the way to go so i looked up in the internet many home remedies and started to build my own home pharmacy with extract for almost everything. My children are in the late 30s and they have not seen a Medic for about 20 years. do you know how much money that adds up to yearly in savings? I do suggest to everyone to start on a healing journey and produce their own home pharmacy using natural cures. You can grow herbs or store them in extracts for later use. To put the icing on the top of the cake, i am trying to learn as a hobby some surgery procedures since naturopaths don’t do surgeries and in some emergencies, surgeries are life saving. There are two books that i would suggest to you and every other reader since i am the type that like to cure for FREE in many cases. Buy the book: “Where there is no Doctor” and the book: “Where there is no Dentist”. If you are like me and don’t like spending money on books, There are places like “Pirate bay” where you can download books for free. It might sound like being a crook and stealing information but hey the information is out there for free why not use it. those that want to pay well they are welcomed to do so. The idea is that we need to build a natural library because one day the internet will be taken down and all this precious knowledge will be lost.