Azerbaijan Vs. Armenia – The End Result here

  • Azerbaijan Vs. Armenia – The End Result here

    Posted by Mud on September 14, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia are the 3 countries in between the Caspian and Black seas.

    This land mass area is extremely important for Russia and China to secure before World War 3 goes global and kinetic.

    Russia is doing the same thing as the USA and is using their smaller bordering countries as buffer zones for war, you could say Russia is using half of old USSR’s people as body shields for the 1st wave of assaults.

    This is the same reason why Russia wants Ukraine and then Finland….So badly

    It helps secure the land mass borders, strategically Russia and China have no good way to do this but as you can see they are trying hard.

    I doubt that Russia and China will move towards the west until they have these 3 countries locked up and in their control. It would be a strategically fatal move if they did not.

    The theater of battle would be too wide spread to control unless BRICS allies intervene. The BRICS digital currency backed by rare minerals has not yet fully been released to the public, (I think it’s in trial runs? i dunno).

    So the synopsis is this; Russia and China need to secure their land borders before they start a physical war beyond the current theater. They will open up the BRICS digital currency to collapse the dollar before this happens. The level of chaos in collapsing the dollar might be worse for the USA than actually being physically bombed. We shall see.

    I think you all can see the stepping stones on the yellow brick road.

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