Angel wing trial fix

  • Angel wing trial fix

    Posted by Squashmania on October 26, 2023 at 12:38 am

    I had to learn a lot, being a new duck owner. This may seem basic or redundant at times, but part of it is to talk it through in my head. I have a call duckling with bilateral (both wings) Angel wing or airplane wing. This duckling is not big (smallest duck breed) and the primaries are just coming in and are still sheathed. (The keratin flakes of to allow the feather to unfurl.) I took a large bandaid and cut it in two lengthwise. I cut the thin adhesive strips off the sides. I attached one sticky end to the underside of the quills that are flared out/malpositions, and the other end of the bandaid sticky pad to the top of the same quills. Through the loop of the bandaid, I threaded dental floss through each loop and tied the two bandaids so the wings were pulled together and not flared out towards the center of the bird, so the wings were in better alignment. What I read was to leave them like this for 4-5 days, and the wings would be corrected.

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