Reply To: What if your last trip to the store was the last one forever?

  • Redcap

    March 20, 2024 at 3:12 pm

    I really started thinking that way and started getting extra household things and emergency cooking and lighting and such stuff and it just got stupid at some point. Yeah, I’m fine with a good supply of duct tape and OTC meds and homemade medicines and matches and such, but we just don’t have the room to become our own Costco. And it also hit me: and what happens when you run out of what you have back-stocked? How will you live if you’re still relying on manufactured items?

    So now we got rid of and donated a whole lot of extra stuff and went back to my roots of how my family survived the wars and Great Depression and even a great-grandmother who talked about the Hard Winter of 1880!

    We have shelter, a couple of years of wood for heat, water and ways to collect it, simple food to get by for a good year (a hearty stew once a day and another small meal of eggs and grain), and our clothes, soap, rags, and some back up lighting.

    We figured we can go to bed when it gets dark instead of trying to reproduce modern life and light up our house with boxes and boxes of candles we don’t have room to store. We can eat nettles and dandelion every day if we need to along with our eggs and small meat animals or fish. Humans have no “essential” carbohydrate requirements nutritionally although I’m not saying cut out carbs. Just saying plants and meats give us more than breads and pots full of cornmeal. And there is NO nutritional benefit to white flour and white rice at all. The hardest food to get during the wars and Depression was meat. Better put that by now because when the feds start handing out food, it will be empty simple carbs, just like last time.

    So we decided to change our stocking up to learning to live historically without modern needs. Yes, we do need extra screws and nails and such. Can’t have the house falling apart! But I can’t imagine trying to have everything we have now and trying to live a “normal” life if or when the clock turns back to 1930 or 1730 for that matter.

    Now if it’s a zombie apocalypse, then husband and I are done anyway. We’re too old to fight hordes. LOL But live through another Depression? That we can do and with very little stuff.