Reply To: What if your last trip to the store was the last one forever?

  • MartHale7

    February 27, 2024 at 2:14 am

    I have been thinking this way for the last 10 years. I have been working on growing food that takes the least amount of effort.

    The USA blew up the Russian pipeline. We have a president who lost lives in Afghanistan and does not care about the Americans that were taken hostage in Gaza, and took a full year to visit Palistine, OH. this puppet president does not care anything for us. So having no border any terrorist that wants to attack us can and has people are now dead with the drug markets going wild. NY has illegals attacking police officers we are now without rule of law.

    That said, the direction forward is building local community and to have plans for what is coming. Destruction of the USA dollar is here, many food items have doubled and tripled in price. Our pay did not double or triple thus we just got a pay cut and our bank accounts are worth 1/2 to 1/3 of what they use to have value.

    So… what can we do? work with those who want to live and walk away from those who want to do nothing and starve. There are people who are preparing work with them. There are people who are preparing to eat nothing, and go on a long lasting fast….. This is by plan and design of our gov.

    So yes, I do believe we are ok while there is food on the shelf, but when the dollars has zero value people historically go nutz. A parent will do ANYTHING to feed their children, there are no rules when that happens.