Deer Season Eve: Tales from the (virtual) garage live stream (11/29)

  • Deer Season Eve: Tales from the (virtual) garage live stream (11/29)

    Posted by Grumpy_G on November 28, 2022 at 6:18 pm

    Deer Season Eve is a celebration that my old hunting buddies and I took part in the night before firearms season opened back where we used to live. It entailed sitting around the garage announcing to the world what great hunters we were, calling each other liars, and telling everyone in ear-shot how bad they were at actually getting “brown down”. I miss it.

    So, in celebration of Deer Season Eve, we are going to live stream, via Stream Yard, at around 8:45 PM (give or take), 11/29, after our Homestead Update live. “We” currently being myself and the one and only Spags Unfiltered (as long as his signal from his secret deer camp location holds up). Since it’s Stream Yard, others can join the panel. So, anyone with great hunting stories to tell is welcome to join. The link will be posted in the chat of the live stream once it starts.

    Now, ya gotta have a thick hide, because we all know you are fibbing about “that big buck” and in reality you are lucky to hit the broad side of a barn on most days. There won’t be cigar smoke wafting through the air (at least not on my end) and the beer won;t be flowing like in the old days (I’m old, fat, and don;t recover like I used to); it’ll be a good time though. We hope to see you there:

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