Reply To: First Harvest!

  • FaithK

    June 30, 2023 at 4:23 pm

    YES! I’m so happy. Other than one shishito pepper picked way too soon just because it was there and I wanted to taste it lol, this has been it other than some greens.

    And yeah, the part of the video from the morning was yesterday. It was actually like 85 at that point with a 95 heat index (I checked after I filmed). When I planted this morning, it was 88 with a 97 heat index – at like 830. This afternoon I think it’s supposed to be like 100 with 110+ heat index. Horrible. And humid too. Not like Louisiana humid, but still. We better get rain, because I don’t want to water the seeds I planted in their place (purple hull peas, burgandy snaps, martian jewel corn, – GEAUX TIGERS! – and pattypan squash). Rainwater! Yeah, not likely. I’ll water the seeds in tomorrow morning if it doesn’t rain today, and the forecast changes. We’re in official “moderate drought”. I’m lucky I’m getting anything.