How to diagnose for Aflatoxin in field corn

  • How to diagnose for Aflatoxin in field corn

    Posted by Alabammer on September 20, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    I could use some help from those who know. I am old gardener so I know stuff. However….this year for the first time I planted what amounted to a test patch of field corn. It yielded about 5LB of shelled corn.

    I learned that…you gotta plant a LOT of field corn if you’re serious about grinding corn. Ok… I wound up tossing my corn because of sheer ignorance. This summer was ultra stressful on my corn here in the south so when I picked it a month or so after it made many ears were open on the ends, and after drying were a little fuzzy…on the ends. Not too bad… Well, and full of weevils. This was new to me. I can live with those….but what had me buffaloed was the chance, however remote, of having aflatoxin in the corn. I simply DO NOT know what to look for. Those fuzzy ends spooked me.

    There is just not that much on the net that I can find about the topic other than it exists and there are really expensive test for it…which I find ridiculous. I would love someone who has experience with dried corn to educate me. Man has only been growing corn for 15k years, and most of those guys died of something besides aflatoxin. Gotta be some well known common sense out there that I just haven’t been exposed to. If you know field corn…I’d appreciate your experience.

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  • Alabammer

    September 21, 2022 at 2:45 am

    Hi Bonnie,

    From the sparse info I read just about nothing removes Aflatoxin. It’s like the PCBs of the plant world. Also I read that the kind of weather we had on my poor corn this summer is prime breeding habitat for the noxious stuff. Now, you may be privy to more info. My goal was to grow some, as I have not before, and then grind for various stuff including some for the old nixtel stuff. And I had the corn…but I was worried to use it. Drat.

    I mean, anyone can see moldy corn….and mine was not….but not knowing exactly what to look for I chickened out. No doubt there are old farmers who would slap their knees laughing. I can take it. I’m pretty dang good with sweet corn if I do say so my own self…..but field corn? I’m a babe in he woods. I appreciate your hollering. Really.

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