Reply To: New book: White Rural Rage has all the city folk up in arms

  • Thy-abundance

    April 6, 2024 at 7:09 pm

    Aloha🌋The purpose is to divide. Divide they will conquer one mind at a time. You know who you are. Remember who you are. Let us recognize the reason for all the words, books, visuals, and tickling of our ears mean. A people divided against one another “can and will not stand together” The power belongs to the ones who have the larger army of God. Anyway why would anyone read this book. 🤔Curiosity? 🫨Reactive response? 😡Continued aggravation to the mind soul and body? To cause a reaction of anger or mistrust of each other? 🫠Let’s stop supporting the distractions that take to much time in our heads. Pray and stay focused on our Lord. He has a plan and your part of it. Amen Let’s come together so we can stand as one. Anyway???? Im just concerned that to many people are going to allow all this noise to make their bodies sick. Negative thought have a negative reaction to your own health. Our country was never divided if you look at who you surround yourself with. Well at least me in Hawaii. We have always been around multi cultural people from all over the word. If anything Hawaii is so migrated due to business men from the past bringing in serfs to serve their lives and work on their plantations. I do understand many areas do have many migrants. Many places in the mid and south either where the population is more of one race. Not Judging so please no harm. I’ve been to every southern state in search of buying a home, and that’s what I saw. One realtor joking told me Tennesse was a very white state except for Memphis since I am looking in tennesse where I found beautiful and filled with such kind people. Everyone was wonderful to me and curious to see a Hawaiian Native curious to hear the people have strong roots to their south. Hawaiians also have very strong roots to our Aina. (Land) we are all the same and serve the same God Lord Jesus Christ if you are a believer. Let us remember that and not continue to blow up any more dust of division by participating in their plans. Busy you time in doing good. I know you already do. Give no ear to darkness and it’s lies.

    “United in Christ Jesus we stand divided we will fall” Hallelujah Let us pray for one another and for our country and be United in one cause….righteousness and Gods peace. Amen 🙏🏼