Reply To: Amish raided again….

  • Njorun38

    January 8, 2024 at 2:44 am

    I would be very careful trusting a supposedly “good sheriff” these days, they’re all career politicians these days, the mayors the judges the sheriffs and cops, all entangled in drug gangs too. In Maui it was the sheriff and the mayor who ordered dying Hawaiians to walk back into the fires “because of broken down power lines that fell” or some nonsense, and also turned off the water supply to the fire hydrants because they “didn’t have enough water”…. ON AN ISLAND.

    Make your own assembly with your church or your coworkers or a directory of local businesses and farmers… get ready to defend your territory “penny auction” style. Even the sheriffs can’t be trusted most places, not everyone has the luxury of getting to vote for one that hasn’t been thoroughly bought out by upper level government, central intelligence agencies, or the drug cartels. If their votes haven’t been completely rigged even on the local level anyway.

    Trust good neighbors you can find, but not your “authority figures” no matter how small