Reply To: Amish raided again….

  • giovanni

    January 7, 2024 at 1:47 pm

    Hi people. It is very sad to see that these things are happening in what is suppose to be a “Free Country”. One of the most important values of rights are being violated here. “The right to pursue happiness” is one of the founding rights that is listed in the Declaration of Independence. To be able to trade, sell, barter or “EXCHANGE” some goods for something else can bring “happiness” to ones life and this fundamental right has been trespassed by the Federal Government. The Government has the “delegated” power to “regulate” commerce. This was delegated to them through the articles of the Constitution mainly in the creation of the government “BUT” the government has also used certain wordings to make themselves “EXEMPT” from such laws. Lets look at some of these words: { Traffic, Vehicle, Passenger, Driver, Operator, Sale, Firearm, Manufacture or even the word Transport} fall under the definition of “Commerce” and for these things the government can regulate by issuing License or Permits to the “PERSON” engaged in commerce. These practices can also be “TAXED”. However when the Government declares their activities as an “EXCHANGE”, This falls out of the “Commerce” definition and all the activities are “Tax Free” and can’t be regulated by IRS, State, Municipal or Federal laws. This is the reason why the government has “EXCHANGE” everywhere for their own benefit!! {Coast Guard Exchange, Navy Exchange, National Guard Exchange} and many others!! Can we the people use the same tactics also?? Of course we can!! We created the government throughout the Constitution, We delegated to them certain powers but we did not relinquish our own abilities to do the same unless you agreed to become a {14th amendment U.S. citizen} then YES you relinquished your powers to the government and now you are a property of the U.S. government as in “Slave Property” and slaves do not have rights. They only enjoy certain privileges given to them by the slave master aka U.S. Government and those same privileges can be taken away. but rights given by our celestial Father can never be taken away. So how do we retain, reserve or restore our God given rights? We need to stop “Consenting” into these government privileges and declare our reservation of rights, refuse to be a 14th amendment U.S. citizen by becoming either a state citizen or a state national {the latter is best} and resist at all means their tyranny. The raid in the Amish house could have been because they declared their activity as in “Commerce” and so the Federal government regulated their activity as Illegal by not following the pasteurization rule. The Original Constitution 1789 was created by We the people not by We the U.S. citizens. People and Citizen is not the same. we have the power to create our own money and to reject the Federal Reserve “debt” Notes but how many people know or remember that?