Reply To: The mRNA vaccine that is in your food.

  • MartHale7

    December 26, 2023 at 12:24 am

    Yes, I have seen the John Wick movies, I have also been watching silver being used in Venezuela.

    I have been switching my resources from paper, and electronic ( in the bank ) to physical like food, food on the shelf, food growing, power ( solar panels ), propane in tanks and some gasoline for backup, and yes some silver.

    I plan for an economic crash, thus I am working with those around me that are already growing food.

    As the system is broken, I do believe we will need to create our own systems, like you I am forming local tribes of people that share the value of working / trading for resources.

    One of our local churches bought 30 acres of land, 15 they put into gardening, 15 they are putting into animals. I meet with some of them that came to garden, for some it was their first time putting a seed in the ground. That was a real wakeup call for me to know this is probably 80% of the people around me that they do not have a connection of where their food comes from, and when the grocery store is gone they will panic.