Reply To: The mRNA vaccine that is in your food.

  • giovanni

    December 25, 2023 at 4:33 pm

    Hey that is great!! Didn’t know someone moved here to the island. We have a group were we teach survival and common Law classes. We are on the journey to correcting status and claiming abandoned lands that belong to the people and not the govt. I am thinking about a barter system worldwide. Also i am trying to bring back gold and silver as our true money system. Have you seen the movies John wick? Look at their “Private Member” Exchange with Gold coins? in the series “The Continental”, It shows that the government has no Jurisdiction since in the govt. rules, regulations, codes, acts and all other “legal system” is based on regulating commerce thru Federal Reserve Notes which is not lawful Money. When gold coins or silver is used, it cannot be taxed according to the real “law”. Only Privately owned Federal Reserve notes because they belong to a private system and is not true money but only “Legal Tender”.