Reply To: The mRNA vaccine that is in your food.

  • giovanni

    December 23, 2023 at 9:15 pm

    Their is a lot we can do about this. I have been raising goats for about 4 years using no types of vaccinations at all unless i see that any of the goats have a life threatening ailment and even then i prefer to put the animal down. I believe that allowing these Mrna vaccines in our animals would mean to allow the genetic manipulation to carry on into their genes and if these animals are to be used for consumption then the manipulation might or can be transfer into the genetic code of any people. I have been raising chickens also the same way and planting organically. Herbs, fruit trees like citrus {Lemon, lime, grapefruit, Acerola, graviola or sour sop, bread fruit, bananas, pigeon peas, Noni, coconuts, Colombian coffee, star fruit, mangoes and some other varieties. Each one has been selected many years ago before hurricane Maria here on the Island of Puerto Rico. I have been trying to prepare before 1999 when Y2K was a big scare during those years. My thoughts are to find like minded people in order to get a group ready for bartering or exchanging ideas or even goods. Hope that there are more people in this group that would like to get together and talk about what can be done to thrive in times where bad reptilian people want to see us dead.