Reply To: Honey-fermented garlic

  • Redcap

    November 15, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    Delicious is a very weird way to describe honey that tastes like garlic. LOL I love garlic. I love honey. Together they taste like garlic-tasting honey. No, the taste does not get better or worse. But it’s very beneficial to put into tea or a hot toddy when you’re sick. If it’s raw honey, you don’t want to put it into boiling water and kill all the beneficial bacteria, but drinkable hot water is fine. It’s a good support for colds. But if you face a real throat issue, yarrow tincture gargle might be better. It’s also an antibiotic and effective against strep. I got strep (I work at a school) and while everyone was on antibiotics, feverish and miserable, I gargled with yarrow three times a day and in 12 hours felt fine and 3 days later stopped gargling with it.