Reply To: Got a shack!

  • WillBkool

    October 17, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    It was EXPENSIVE! 17k delivered and setup. It was a custom build and only took 2 weeks for them to build. It’s by United Portable Buildings. I used to do construction and it’s a very solid build. I don’t plan on living in it permanently which is why there aren’t many windows, so there is a 3×3 foot window and door on the the front and back side, and three transom windows on the right(south) side to let in the winter sun. There are no windows on the left(north) side to keep the cold out. I could have built my own, but I’m 62 so this saved me a LOT of labor. The windows have screens which I didn’t expect as the display models didn’t have any screens, and that is nice in deep south Mississippi.

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