how can we help the homeless

  • how can we help the homeless

    Posted by gods-child on February 22, 2023 at 9:53 am

    we have seen in the past twenty-five [25] or more years the homeless seem to gather in cities begging for money or food this seems to be a perceived only option for the homeless as being on the streets

    i feel take a step back in time to the hobos and how they managed during those harder times and need not to move from place to place

    that said

    hobos used to go from place to place and work where they could and had some self-respect and was able to keep clean and respectable

    they foraged what they could off the land, made their own shelters and stoves and-such and worked for food money clothing lodging and-such

    now times are some-what easier as they do not have to risk their lives jump trains and-such

    could we not teach the homeless the olde ways of how to survive and folk who need work doing from cutting the lawn to washing windows to earn money or food or lodge in a shed for a night to a few nights while working in that area until they move on

    how to make hobo-stoves shelters forage be clean and respectable in mind body spirit and soul

    better still let them rent the empty properties that go to ruins if they choose to


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  • Squeeze

    February 22, 2023 at 11:40 am

    the homeless today are nothing like the hobo’s of the past. Old time hobos traveled, and mostly stuck to the country, usually searching for work, and for the most part, self sufficient. During the depression, many would not beg, or accept charity because they had honor and pride, todays homeless have a ideal of entitlement, and thievery, usually blaming others for their condition. (life is tough, bad things happen, how you cope with it has a great influence on whether you rise above it, or sink because of it) The vast majority of the homeless today are addicts who flocked to the cities to be closer to the source. Mostly because they have begged and stolen from their friends and family to the point of being rejected. There are exceptions, and I do believe in helping those, but for the vast majority, they have to hit their own bottom and decide to quit for themselves. (and become a productive member of society, not a burden) For too many, the homeless addict lifestyle is glorified among their own flock.

  • DeOccult

    February 22, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    I have given some thought, and have some skin in the game, having tried to give space to different people. I think that for those of us who like planning or trying to figure out why things are for many people screwed up, the biggest danger if they are thinking of “Real World Intentional Community” Is and probably always was; judging those you may be planning to share land with. The best idea I have seen on video with folks who; setout trying to help people in dire straits, was a group who taught food farming to people who showed up to learn and not only how to farm in urban areas but also how to charge for the service these guys ended up making “real bank” people then willing to be of service with self-respect. I foresee a tool and plant nursery Co-Op and Natural Law Freemen coming home to a hearty meal.

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