Reply To: Heaven.

  • potpourri_of_life

    October 19, 2023 at 11:29 pm

    Keep your faith strong. We have been to a few churches and have experienced unkind treatment. Regardless of what they say, in that church is for sinners (which is true) it is not an excuse to be a hypocrite.

    No questions asked, they should have helped you.

    First, no church should be saying you should give more to receive more in heaven. That is complete nonsense. We do not live in the old testament. but rather the New. That being said, tithing is not just financial yet also that of service, and not always necessary to be a church body.

    Today pastors make so much money, they are no longer humble, they no longer understand the struggles in which many have.

    In some cases it is a matter of who you know, other cases it is a result of their thinking that if you are poor and in need, or single, you are basically reaping what you sow. NOT TRUE!! This is why judgment is that of the Lords, not of man.

    We stopped going to church for various reasons, but our faith is probably stronger than ever. We still treat others with kindness and love with giving of our resources as we are able. I want to go to church, but until we find one that is not about all the glitz and entertainment, we choose to worship at home.

    Yet, there are many good churches out there, just not in our area, and we have visited quite a few.

    I know, it sounds like I am bitter. Nope, just deciding to serve the Lord in other means that fill my heart with more love vs feeling left alone.