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About You

Hi friends, this is Laura from Potpourri of Life. I live in NH with my husband David, where we live on a small piece of property, in a small home, with a huge passion for living life fully with respect to God and all that I am called to do.

Potpourri of Life, is just that. An accumulation of all that brings me joy, keep me busy, while focusing on the good, and honoring God.

I ran a successful sewing business for 22 years, name Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties, and recently retired (officially). Had a few blogs, one being called Potpourri of Health, another Reflective of Life, and another Gluten and Dairy Free living. So…I took it all and decided to make it all one “Potpourri of Life”, because that is what my life is, a mixture of many interests and passions.

Between my interests, both my husband and I enjoy wood working, albeit he does most of the work. He does a great deal of home upkeep where we find is a savings. Our town doesn’t have many like-minded individuals, so we have yet to find those who we can share/barter with. All in time.

As the world spins on its axis, while I continue to live with Chronic Persistent Lyme, I have learned how to handle my flares, learned and continue to learn the benefits of herbs, making my own remedies, and cooking from scratch, and work through the pain. I’m doing good!! Yet, with full transparency, some days are difficult to get through, but there is no time to let life take over while I still have work to do on this earth.

In addition to the study of herbs, I have been canning and baking for years. My Granny was an inspiration so many years ago.

This year we adopted some chickens, built our own coup, working hard on our garden and learning so much from various people I respect and follow on YT. Our goal is to move to a larger piece of property, but I have decided to not stress and make do with what we currently have, because our home is “home” and a place we are able to rest at night.

Stay well all, stay focused, and live fully.

~ Laura
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