Reply To: Thermal sand battery prototype.

  • Marthale7

    May 26, 2023 at 12:05 am

    Well.. I switched from having hot water heat the sand to just using a hot water heater element in the sand to heat about 5 five gal buckets of sand…..

    Well the temp is now staying between 140 to 153 deg F I have not had a clear sunny day yet it has been mostly cloudy days and it is keeping this temp with two used 260 Watt panels in series. ( they normally give 220 watts of power each )

    I am amazed that I have that much mass at that heat level with two panels on cloudy days, when I get a sunny day I will then test extracting heat with the pex pipe I have in the sand….. But for it to keep above 140 degree temps for over 24 hours is very very impressive to me on cloudy days…