Reply To: Companion Composting

  • Woodsman

    May 12, 2023 at 9:18 pm

    You can add several dead mice and / or moles, buy some beaver tail oil, and add just a bit, if you fry fish add some of that used oil. Grind and mix into a pate form and let taint. You just made bait. Beware you will have no HOA, but D O G’s of the Wild kind as well as man’s best friend. That is just the start of the many visitors.

    What is even easier is to purchase 100% real Skunk oil. Yes hunters actually wear it. Still, no trespassing signs are a must an of course camera’s.

    Finally, what the hell were you thinking when buying into an HOA? Before you do anything…. If you are not sure ….be certain the HOA did disband. Many will and sometimes someone will attempt to convince othed it still exist for easy money. Do yourself a favor …. Get out ASAP!