Reply To: Living in a home – not a SHTF bunker

  • Woodsman

    May 10, 2023 at 1:29 am

    Many go to war with the squirrel and many loose that war to it. I lean toward the idea of finding a way to work with them, unless they damage things. Though sometimes that happens. And sometimes nature has a way of taking care of the problem…. almost a natural course. For example: soffits on the house became damaged and a squirrel or two? managed to enter the attic and chewed all exposed electrical wiring.

    Still I redirected their attention to the bird feeders, but did not let them feed ( they eat far too much and too fast ). Although I know of tricks to keep them at bay, I don’t need to. I took some small single serve metal pizza cooking trays / dishes and drilled a 1” hole in the center, installed them dangling down the shepherds hook with small cables and redirected squirrels attention to a few sunflower seeds tossed on the ground. I never have a problem with squirrels climbing the shepherds hooks. I out think the crows in similar ways instead of going to war with them.

    In a small area where I placed several feeders on hooks with a variety of bird food choices and types of feeders, I manage to create a little wildlife habitat. It is interesting to watch how they ( birds, squirrels chipmunks etc.) get along.