Reply To: Well: A deep subject for shallow minds

  • HalfBuBBleOffPlumb

    May 27, 2024 at 1:49 am

    And now we have another concern at my sons place regarding the well. When the well ppl came out they mentioned to my oldest son (youngest sons house, oldest just moved there to keep an eye on the place), he needs to run the water in the house or somewhere else on the property while watering the garden because the pump keeps shutting on and off. He said they tried running another hose at the same time and it still kept shutting on and off. Is there anyway to correct this without the worry of burning up the pump? Side note, the well ppl were out to give an estimate on a water softener system regarding the iron and sulfur, not for the well shutting on and off when watering the garden. Any advice is appreciated as I know very little about wells / pumps. Thanks!