Reply To: Nature’s Generator brand

  • Jo-Jo

    May 9, 2024 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you for the responses. Sorry I was unclear describing my purchase. I found a 100W solar panel and a wind turbine. We do have a small DaranEner Portable Power Station NEO300, but had not purchased any solar panels until the one today.

    Due to a stroke, my youngest child is on a home ventilator (Trilogy EVO), continuous pulse oximetry, and oxygen concentrator only when sleeping or ill. (He is such an amazing guy!) We have a wall-chargeable battery system (big, heavy “car” battery) as back-up that we routinely charge for emergencies. The vent has an internal battery, too. We have a propane generator and a gasoline generator, but realize that both are limited due to fuel supplies.

    We have a couple of other family members that use Bipaps at night, as well as a daughter that requires shallow hyperbaric dives multiple times per week.

    Our little town in Texas was hit pretty hard last week by over 20 inches of rain that caused more flooding than Hurricane Harvey. We were gratefully spared the devastation that many in our neighborhood and area experienced, but it was another reminder that I need to continue learning and striving to add a reliable solar generator and the necessary panels.

    I am rewatching Pinball’s videos about solar generators. Any other suggested sites (preferably written in simple terms for dummies) would be greatly appreciated. I know that God has not given us a spirit of fear… I am grateful for this community and the wealth of knowledge each of you offers.