Reply To: How much space do you need to store food?

  • LulaP

    May 9, 2024 at 3:15 pm

    I thought I had enough space even tho it was less than my parents had. The main pantry is 8′ high, 2′ deep and about 7′ long. It worked for a few years.

    This past winter I built another one just a bit bigger off the living room. I had helped Roy tear down a house in town. He paid me in wood! This second pantry is completely made with recycled lumber, even the doors. Then my cousin gave me enough jars to fill it.

    When a minor hurricane took out our power for seven days, we had food. The meat was in the freezer. I had filled the freezer with gallon plastic jugs of water. These ice jugs kept everything frozen! But I couldn’t open the freezer and let out the cold air. We kept all of our meat in the freezer. This is why I started canning meat.

    The local U-Pick farm will open in a few weeks for picking. This year our plum trees, both wild and tame, are loaded! It is the first year the loquats have produced. I’ll get enough peaches for a cobbler or two. And the poor fire blight damaged pear has maybe a dozen pears growing on it. We have been picking dewberries and huckleberries, my first time picking huckleberries to make jelly.