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  • Farm-Ranch-Homestead

    April 25, 2024 at 12:07 am

    I’m not too sure about checking the depth of the well, short of pulling out the well pump. I believe that there are some ways to check things like water depth using sonar, although I don’t know how well they work (no pun intended). After checking Amazon, it doesn’t look like there’s a DIY solution for that, so you may need to call a well service company for that.

    Otherwise, you might be able to check the depth with a long string. After tying a weight to it, you could lower it down until you hear the weight hit the water. After that, pull it back out and measure the dry part of the string. That should at least give you a pretty good position of the static water level. The pump of course would be a bit lower (perhaps 15-20 feet lower?), although how much lower could vary a bit.

    For the iron/sulfur issues, you can purchase filter housings and iron/manganese and carbon block cartridges to filter the water. The iron/manganese cartridge should filter our the iron, and the carbon block filter should filter our the sulfur smell. While you’re at it, I would also advise installing a sediment filter ahead of the others.

    On my well, I installed four filter housings in series, followed by a UV filter. The housings contain the following filter cartridges: a 10 micron pleated sediment filter, an iron/manganese filter, a carbon block filter, and a 1 micron particulate filter. After passing through the four filters, the water passes through the UV filter to kill any remaining biological contaminants. The housings I used are for the large 4″ x 20″ cartridges, so I can have a higher rate of flow and so they last longer between changes. I bought the housings and filters for my system on Amazon. I didn’t buy a pre-configured filtration system, but rather just bought the components and built my own filtration system.

    If you decide to go this route and install these filters on the incoming water line, be sure to install shut-off valves before and after the filters, to make servicing the filters much easier. That way, when you change filter cartridges, you only need to drain water from the section between the valves, not the entire house.

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