Reply To: Missouri SB727

  • Michale5349

    April 13, 2024 at 7:43 pm

    @redcap Personally, I feel it’s from an abundance of caution. I searched the full bill repeatedly until my eyes crossed and I couldn’t find a clear statement that homeschools would be labeled as schools and thus held to public school.firearm standards. The letter from the attorney seems to suggest that it’s a possibility that the homeschools, labeled as schools, could be held to the public school firearm policies. I’ve requested from several platforms and posts if they could even narrow it down to what page so that I could highlight that portion to share, to no avail.

    At any rate, at least we have a link so folks can easily download the bill so they can read it for themselves. Perhaps someone may have more luck than I had in being pointed to the specifics.