Reply To: Considerations For Diabetes

  • Sarah_b

    March 4, 2024 at 8:05 pm

    I 100% agree with this. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years back and was immediately prescribed Metformin. After taking it for several months and seeing no improvement in my blood sugar, I started doing my own research and first found out that the same medication that was prescribed to “help” with one condition was recalled for an overabundance of a cancer-causing ingredient and that wasn’t the only time it had been recalled. I dove deeper and found out about things like Berberine and cinnamon helping with sugar levels. I went to Walmart and got the cheapest bottle of cinnamon pills I could find in the supplement section and started taking them and stopped taking the metformin right away. Within days (alongside changing my diet which is absolutely necessary) my blood sugar went down. Within just a couple of months, I completely reversed my diabetes, lost weight, and even managed to get pregnant after 7 years of trying. If you think Doctors ALWAYS know best, take this into consideration, while I was in the hospital having my son whom I managed to get pregnant with after reversing my diabetes the doctor who was overseeing me at the time after only reading my chart saw that I had a previous diagnosis of diabetes (without even looking at my blood sugar the nurses took shortly before) never looked at the fact that my blood sugar was about 87 suggested putting me on an insulin IV while I was having my son. The nurses looked at each other like she was insane. When she left they told me it was not necessary. Doctors are trained in medicine, not nutrition and they get kickbacks from insurance companies for EVERY medication they push you. Please just trust me on that. Some doctors are good, and most mean well, but at the end of the day they go home and have bills to pay and don’t honestly care about you as much as you or your family cares about you.