Reply To: Moving advice wanted

  • Farm-Ranch-Homestead

    February 29, 2024 at 9:38 pm

    I’m jumping in to this discussion quite late, but wanted to toss my 2 cents in…

    I looked at Pods, but they didn’t service both ends of my move, so they were out.

    I thought about a rental truck, but they are quite expensive, and I’d still have to tow another vehicle to drive when I got there. With the rental expense, including per-mile charges, and the cost of fuel, along with the fact that I’d have to drive it, this did not appear to be a good option for me.

    I looked at ABF freight, and seriously considered it. I could load all or part of a 28 foot semi-trailer, then have them transport it and deliver it to my destination. I would basically have two or three days to load on one end and two or three days to unload on the other end. The cost, I believe, was similar to a rental truck, but I would have more space, and wouldn’t have to drive it. This meant that I’d have to have everything ready to load when it arrived, and I’d need a crew at each end for loading and unloading. I could drive my car from one place to the other and meet the trailer at the destination, but it would have to coincide with the trucking company’s schedule. This was my second choice option, but I opted for another option.

    My final option, and the one that won out, was to purchase a large (8.5′ x 20′) cargo trailer and tow it with the truck I already had (3/4 ton diesel pickup). I could load and unload the trailer at my leisure, because I had a place to park it at each end. I could transport a car (or even a tractor) in it if I need to (which I will eventually need to do). I can make multiple trips with it as necessary. I could use it at the new house to move furniture, appliances, and other things I bought for the new house. I could use it to haul cattle panels or 16′ gates that would not fit in the bed of the truck…

    I’ve already made two (it might even be three) trips with it from the old place to the new one, and I am getting ready to do that again soon. This was certainly the best option for me, but I’m moving 30 years worth of stuff from one place to the other. Much of what I am moving is stuff I acquired with the intent of having it for retirement. Some of it is preparedness supplies, some is hobby stuff, some tools, some books, etc.