Reply To: How much space do you need to store food?

  • Redcap

    January 21, 2024 at 5:15 pm

    I love how specific she gets so you can really picture what you can do and what space you’d need. It seems the biggest mistake people make is not having a plan for the space they have. They’ll can up a storm and find they don’t have a place for all those pint and quart jars. This article could really help people think about creating a storage space for what they want to have put by for winter or for long-term. Thanks for sharing it.

    We’re just two older people who eat very simply. We managed an entire year’s worth of food on two large metal shelf units, including home dehydrated potatoes, greens, other veg, fruit, meat, eggs, dried cheese, dry milk (store-bought) and then we have fats and oils, salt, spices and herbs, and cornmeal, and oats (although we don’t eat a lot of grain as we eat more potatoes), honey and molasses. There’s also 2 years of black tea and all our dried herbs for infusions (mostly nettle, eleuthero, and comfrey).