Reply To: Black Peppercorns how to grow

  • Thy-abundance

    December 19, 2023 at 1:43 am

    Aloha🌋🌺 Peppercorn is a finicky vine to grow. I live at a higher altitude where my humidity and temperature fluctuates from months in summer of 80-100+ degrees. My altitude is well over 2000feet above sea level. Winters are between 50-60 chill. I’ve grown peppercorn which love well drained low magnesium potassium rich soil which being volcanic I have a lot of so I high mulch every year. They are highly susceptible to phytophthora blight a soil borne pathogen, so be careful when you water. Also common for mosaic virus. If you have the vines to close and not enough air flow it will spread faster, so you have to watch. They thrive well with high nitrogen rich fertilizer, so I make chicken manure teas which are well brewed down and applied throughout the year year. I also apply rich bat guano once a year. They are not high maintenance once they take root but do take between 4-5 years to hold flowers or even bloom. They don’t do well when fruit set happens in direct sun, and aren’t happy with wet feet (roots). Peppercorn is a tropical vine and unless you can give the young plants hours of sunshine and holding temperatures of 60-80 degrees daily with humidity you many grow a vine but may be shy of blooming. I have some vines growing in a controlled green house that thrive and fail every year. Even in the tropics my altitude is a big struggle for many trees and plants. I do a lot of cultivating manipulations to get fruit in this new environment. If you do have a mature vine that’s at least five years old you can clone cuttings that may bloom in a year. Use only strong thick vine cuttings for success. Seeds on the other hand can take up to five years to possible have blooms. Most peppercorns have been manipulated. Ever used at this point has been manipulated or sterilized. Sorry to be the bad news bear. The seeds I’ve grown from are seed start vines from my grandma that’s been growing for over 100 years old. Alternatives …If you are looking for the heat and flavor of peppers for cooking. You should keep and ferment all your pepper seeds from your hot peppers you grow and use them for heat and flavor. It’s not peppercorn but it does give ya heat and pepper flavor after fermenting. Plus bonus fermenting seeds is good for your gut health. Hope this helps. God bless and happy planting🌱