Reply To: Black Peppercorns how to grow

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    December 18, 2023 at 11:17 pm

    about 15 min of research, and it appears first of all, Peppercorn plants are tropical, hardy to zone 10 (for outside cultivation).
    1) can they be grown from seed, yes, but not from the grocery store as those have been treated in such as way as they become sterile. one would need untreated, unblanched seed, and I’m finding it difficult to find.

    2) From seed, multiple sources report it can take 4 years + for them to begin bearing, grown as a perennial. If one can regulate the temps correctly, and do proper pruning to keep them from getting to large (they are a vine), might be able to keep them alive long enough, or maybe they will bear a bit earlier, but haven’t found verifiable evidence of this.

    Anything is possible, with the right knowledge, skill, and resources. There are those growing citrus in the high desert where it isn’t possible, without an earth-sheltered, greenhouse of some sort, and a lot of practice. Perhaps, this is part of why the “spices” of the orient have been so valuable for hundreds of years. If it could be easily cultivated everywhere, it would not be as valuable. Just what i was able to glean.