Reply To: Moving advice wanted

  • MartHale7

    August 19, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    I moved from Indiana to Florida.

    My choice was Pods. 2 pods arrived at my door and I took 3 weeks time to sell items I had and took what was too expensive to move to good will or donated to friends.

    The main advantage of Pods was once they were loaded, I made a phone call and they went into storage, I then paid a monthly rent fee for the pods so I had time to goto the area in Florida I wanted to live, and I rented a trailer month to month basis so that I could canvus the area I wanted to live for the home I wanted to live in. I had saved cash for years, for this time and I found my ideal home on craigslist, neg with the owner and bought the place. I then made a phone call and the pods were then delivered to my new home’s door. That was MUCH MUCH better trying to drive a moving van hundreds of miles trying to not get into an accident, and stressed about trying to get there in a short amount of time, the stress of loading the pods was about nill because I had weeks of time to load them, and the shipping and delivery was their problem.

    Most moving companies are a scam….. before you go with any company research them, check the BBB history on them. I researched my pod company and they had a solid history of delivery, and service.

    Another suggestion, before you choose a location, talk with the neighbors ask them what they think of the neighborhood, some neighbors are not worth living by.