Reply To: Garden Flop

  • FaithK

    July 7, 2023 at 6:56 pm

    I’m with you. Next year will be better! That indigo rose is lovely! Right now would also be a good time for taking suckers from your tomato plants and rooting them for a late season harvest on new, fresh plants. If your temps are 90+, that’ll decrease tomato flower production. Replanting the suckers will start new plants that will be ready to bloom as that horrible heat is breaking. Mine haven’t really grown because of drought, so while I still have hope that these will recover, I’m going to replant suckers from the strongest ones. For some fall ideas, if you look up your zip code at, it will give you planting dates for things. It starts with spring planting, but there’s a second half for planting for late summer or fall harvests. In my area of zone 6B, it’s given me a lot more hope of things I hadn’t expected. And don’t forget to count backwards from your first spring frost date. Honestly I could plant watermelons right now and if we don’t get an early frost, I should get a late harvest of them. I’m also planting a lot of beans, which I don’t really eat, for nitrogen fixing in the soil.

    Basically, don’t get too down about it! You are definitely not alone, and I’m starting to call it my garden depression – it’s too much, it’s not only not good enough, but not really worth a crap right now, and it makes me just want to throw my hands up. But every step, even if it’s little, is a step better for fall or next year.