Reply To: A World Away

  • BiggKidd

    June 28, 2024 at 6:09 pm

    6/28/23 Still planting very late garden this year.

    I finally made it out a little after 7am It’s almost 11:30am now so a tad over 4 hours was all I could take. When I uncovered the chicken litter a timber rattler greeted me. Rattle Rat tat rat tat rattle rattle and so on. The 1911 appeared in my hand somehow BUT I didn’t shoot on account of the cinderblocks behind it. I didn’t want to eat any lead or cinderblock! So I hollered for Anna to get me the shovels and she spent the next ten minutes screaming then finally got the shovels and I managed to take it’s head off without firing a shot. But I knew if I moved and lost sight of it a highly pissed off rattler was going on the prowl! It now has parts in the bottoms of a few planting holes. Waste not want not!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s warm out there and bright & sunny… Think I’ll soak up AC for awhile!