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  • Verytas

    February 23, 2024 at 12:05 am

    Epilepsy is really tough. I’ve been helping people with a related condition: electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS). I say “related” because both involve as a mechanism irregular inter-ictal spikes in the brainwave. EMS could be considered chronic, sub-seizure neural activity. I don’t know whether you feel you need to avoid manmade, xenobiotic electromagnetism; but EMS people rather desperately need to do so. This means that, in off-grid situations, clearing out the transients – also called dirty electricity – from the wiring is essential. And this is why people with EMS often, ironically, have difficulty with off-grid AC, when it hasn’t been properly set up to filter from the circuit board the transients. The off-grid community needs to learn to filter dirty electricity before it enters the structure in which people will live.