Reply To: Thermoelectric power

  • BiggKidd

    February 10, 2024 at 11:46 pm

    Got several more hours working on this project today. Got some more of the plumbing done. Made a couple scrap wood shelves since there is no room to sit anything at all in such a tiny space. Also got a weather wall built on the backside of the unit itself to keep water & wind out. Still want to build one on the other side. So thankful for my scrap piles and all their useful junk! Found an old 4 or 5 hinged panel garage door amongst my scrap so even the west side may get closed in with that. Of course it’ll have to become a braced one movement door, hinging either up or down as a single section. Also put a movable step in front of the firebox since after digging it down I’m not tall enough to work inside the top (module) area.

    Only a little more to do until I am actually ready for testing. A little wiring and a little more plumbing. I may go back out later and work on it more if I don’t crash first…